Meet Our Staff

Daniel Stanley

Interim Pastor
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Daniel Stanley will be serving as the interim pastor at Pleasant Community Church until we are able to hire a senior pastor. Daniel comes to us from The School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch in Spring Creek, PA, where he serves as School Director. Daniel and his wife Kara both attended the School of Discipleship. Daniel studied Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethlehem College and Seminary, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014. Daniel joined the staff at The School of Discipleship in 2015, serving as the Dean of Men. Kara joined the School of Discipleship staff in 2008 and served as the Equine Program Director for 9 years, then as the Dean of Women for the School of Discipleship. The two met in 2007 and married in 2017. We are happy to have them minister to us during this time of transition, providing consistency and leadership alongside Pastor Aaron as we search for the person God already knows will be our next lead pastor.

Aaron Reinard

Youth Pastor & Worship Leader
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Aaron Reinard joined Pleasant Community Church in October of 2006. He grew up in Warren, so he appreciated how important an active youth program is. He has worked as a Youth Pastor for the past 22 years and returned to Warren in 2000 to bring his ministry “home”. In the Summer of 2008, Aaron became the Worship Leader. Aaron is married to Marjorie and has three children, Corban, Tobiah, and Elias.

Lead Pastor Vacancy

Senior Pastor
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Our senior pastor recently accepted a new call. We look forward to the new pastor God has planned for us.