Pleasant Community Church was born in 2006 when two churches, Bethlehem Covenant Church and First Baptist Church of Warren decided to merge to deal with financial difficulties and low numbers in their congregations. The motivation for this merger was to do better ministry together for the kingdom of God. Under the leadership of Richard and Carol Visser at First Baptist, and Michael Poindexter at Bethlehem Covenant made this bold move. The result has been a church that has flourished since those early days of the merger.

In order to accommodate the larger congregation, a building expansion project was started in 2009, and completed in 2010. The sanctuary was updated in 2007, and during the addition work, there was a renovation of the fellowship hall as well with new carpet and other finish work.  In 2014, the parking lot was tarred and chipped in hopes of providing a better surface for several years.


The church celebrated their 10th anniversary since the merger on September 10, 2016. Many were in attendance including the Visser’s who spoke about the merger. In 2017, a decision was made to take part in the Vitality Pathway offered by the Evangelical Covenant denomination. This process involves self-assessment and planning to enable the church to become a Healthy Missional church and improve in each of the 10 healthy missional markers. Through this process we realized that the church now has more regular attendees and members that came after the merger, than were part of either of the parent church.










A ministry planning team was established after the Vitality Pathway and is using some of the momentum generated though the process to “Dream Again” about our future. A future that God knows and that will further His kingdom in our community and beyond.


Pastor Mike Poindexter, the first pastor of Pleasant Community Church, accepted a new call in Las Cruces, New Mexico at Sonoma Springs Covenant Church and delivered his last sermon on May 5, 2019. The Vissers, Pastors of First Baptist Church at the time of the merger were in attendance to show their support for Pastor Mike and the people of Pleasant Community church. We wish Mike all God’s best and pray that his ministry in New Mexico is fulfilling and Furthers the Kingdom! We look forward to the next chapter at Pleasant Community and pray that the pastor God has planned for us already, is able to hear the call and we can continue to be the hands and feet of God!