To walk by faith, to be a voice of hope, and to be known by love

Men and Women of Scripture – Jacob – 2-4-2018

A problem with the beginning of this recording required the scripture reading to be re-read. There is a section omitted at the beginning that describes the TV show “This is Us”.

The series follows siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall (known as the “Big Three”) as their lives intertwine, and their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. It is shown in both present day and in Flashback (narrative) .

Kevin and Kate were the two surviving members of a triplet pregnancy, and were conceived after Super Bowl XIV at “Froggy’s” in Pittsburgh. Their due date was October 12, 1980, but they were born six weeks early on August 31 (Jack’s birthday); their biological brother was stillborn. After losing their third baby, Jack and Rebecca decide to adopt Randall, a black child born the same day and brought to the same hospital after his biological father abandoned him at a fire station.

Most flashback scenes occur in Pittsburgh, where the “Big Three” were born and raised. In each episode, most flashback scenes, related to current scenes, show Jack—who dies when the “Big Three” are 17—and Rebecca with the “Big Three” when they are either babies, ages 8–10, or ages 15–17. Pastor Mike is referring to this as the sermon starts.